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We integrate Zoho to cater to all your healthcare processes by enhancing patient engagement and staff collaboration. Xpert Prime Prioritizes data security, and Zoho complies with industry standards to ensure the safety of health data.

Completion Of Project Endeavor

Xpert prime was tasked with developing a client portal for Your Hair Matters, leveraging our expertise in Zoho Creator and Deluge scripting. The client required automation and task management within their partially completed application build. Our team successfully created forms, reports, and kanban reports to enhance functionality. We integrated Zoho Creator with CRM, Writer, and WorkDrive to ensure seamless data synchronization and collaboration. Additionally, we developed a custom portal catering to the needs of customers, users, and admin.

Built Customer Portal on Zoho Creator

Client Requirements:

Our Solutions:

Client Portal Applications

Why Choose Xpert Prime

Xpert Prime helps in streamlining your complete healthcare process From patient engagement to staff collaboration, appointment to meetings, or it is about healthcare records keeping. we have covered you all.

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